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Works by Athanasios Alexo, Livio Ballabio, Alister Gentry, Kensuke Koike, Lidia Meneghini, Claudia Origgi, Federico Pepe, Nikos Sideris, Leonardo Sonnoli, Davide Tranchina, Poka Yio, Thanos Zakopoulos.

Curated by CTRLZAK studio

20.02 > 27.02. 2018

Inspired by the creation of the JCP Universe, a project based on the sphere of design, this exhibition aims to bring together the creativity of contemporary art in the form of a medium utilized in the world of fashion. An exhibition showcasing the work of 11 creatives from diverse cultural backgrounds and disciplines utilizing a common canvas made of silk.

JCP is an eclectic brand that aims to change the design status quo in a revolutionary way. A fusion between art and design, the brand’s creations blend classic and contemporary style in a surprising new idiom that defies the norms. On a similar note Bianconi gallery, known for its unconventional approach to art projects, becomes the host of this project that bridges diverse creative discipline. The exhibition will be presented during the Milan Fashion Week of February 2018 opening thus the range of its public in an attempt to contaminate the aficionados of both worlds.

The parallel universe of JCP is an imaginative realm in which normality, as we perceive it, is transformed. A cosmos where mystery is the norm, where the immaterial takes unexpected shapes and the transformation of familiar forms creates new meanings. The Past is the Future and time’s arrow can travel in any direction or in multiple directions at once, giving rise to projects that transcend our linear perception of time. Having that as a starting point the participating artists where asked to imagine each a window to a world of their own, a glimpse of another reality that can take the form of an ethereal object like a silk scarf. Artworks that can be worn by people, if they choose to do so, or can remain on the wall as windows to Worlds Unseen, allowing the viewers to plunge in with all their senses. Each one a diverse approach to the subject of worlds beyond our reach, in one form of expression or another.