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Minus.log is a collective dedicated to the creation of audio-visual installations, prints and pictorial works, it formed in 2013 from the already tried out collaboration between Giustino Di Gregorio and Manuela Cappucci. Giustino is active since the 90’s as a composer (Sprut, 1999 Tzadik Records), videomaker and audiovisual artists (InterNos, Teramo, 2011; Festival E-fest Cultures Numériques, La Marsa, 2013). Manuela comes from informal painting and she began painting in the late 90’s participating in various group and solo exhibitions (Istantanee di mondi possibili, Villa Filiani, Teramo, 2011). From the union of these two sensibilities a research borns in which material and immaterial soak each other, in which music and painting, analog and digital, partecipate in the work as a synaesthetic elements of an experience based on a subtraction and reduction process of the means. Similarly, the authorship of the two artists is merged into unitary and indissoluble participation in its creation.
Among the major group and solo exhibitions where Minus.log be noted: Stills of Peace, Scuderie Ducali Palace degli Acquaviva (Atri, Teramo, 2016), Unotrezerouno, Abbazia di Propezzano (Morro d’Oro, Teramo, 2016), HearteartH festival (Berlin-Milan, 2016). What remains, Museolaboratorio ex tobacco factory (Città Sant’Angelo, Pescara, 2016), FILE 2015. Electronic Language International Festival (São Paulo, Brazil, 2015), door/angelo della rivelazione framco/summa project (Castelvecchio Subequo, L’Aquila, 2014).
The attention of Minus.log is focused on the empty space, on the break, on a communication that comes from silence. Simple elements such as lines of light and minimalist shapes, interact with surfaces, sculptures or environments that, receiving the formal rigor, they play in the interstices of the sense and logic bringing up what is often shelved faster: the mistake, the wait, the repetition. Minus.log, in the creation of immersive environments, investigates and invites you to explore a different relationship with space and time, a dimension in which it’s possible to capture subtle nuances and minimal changes.